Your Blue-Prynt

Blue-prynt at a Glance

Moving away to college is the first step of independence for most students. You finally have the opportunity to build a stylish and cozy environment that will be your new home for the next nine months.

Transforming drab cinderblock walls into Instagram worthy works of art can be challenging. To create a dorm of your dreams, our first step of advice is to get organized. Working with a small space will represent limitations that require planning, organization and communication.

If all of this sounds overwhelming, you are not alone. But, don’t worry, one of the many great resources that Blue-prynt offers is access to all of your favorite dorm room products in one centralized location. Creating your own unique look should be a fun experience. Blue-prynt is here to help by simplifying this process and helping you turn your home away from home into Home Sweet Home!