About Us

About Blue-prynt: a plan for building your future

Moving to college is ranked as the #1 most stressful event in a teen-agers life. For many students, this will be their first time living away from home. Moving into a dorm presents a myriad of challenges and overwhelming decisions to make.

Managing the transition from home to college life is our mission. We provide the tools to help create a unique blue-prynt that will allow you to nourish & flourish in college!

And listen, we get it. You’re busy, so we’re keeping it simple and all in one place– everything from that must-have tapestry to DIY hacks that will seriously change your life.

More than a traditional web-site, Blue-prynt is a design destination and trusted resource offering an online community and unique shopping experience for parents and students alike. We source the latest trends in dorm room décor and design from a consortium of over 50 design partners to showcase only the best products to transform your dorm room into a home away from home.

Blue-prynt offers a post-graduate degree in what to know, to do, to see–but without the exams, and the all-nighters.

Who We Are

Why We Are Here

Blue-prynt was born out of our own personal frustrations moving our children into college dorms. All around us, students and families were experiencing similar pain points. Knowledge and information is power. We are here to educate, inform and inspire.

Blue-prynt is not just a publisher, but a community where we share trending news and topics that are relevant to today’s college students.

A dream is just a vision with a well-executed plan. We are your personal powerhouse team to help build your dream dorm room brick by brick (adhesive of course!).


Wendy Rubin, Co-Founder Blue-prynt

Wendy is a consummate business professional with a diverse background in finance, start-ups, and media and entertainment.  Wendy has over 10 years managing a digital media incubator where she launched Outerplaces.com and co2responsible.com.

Prior to that Wendy was the Director of Home Entertainment for New Line Cinema where she managed the distribution of their film library, including the Oscar award-winning Lord of the Rings.

“Blue-prynt was born out of the pain points I experienced moving my oldest daughter to college,” and it is Wendy’s mission to provide parents and students with reliable, high-quality, and trending products to make dorm design and decor SO much easier.

“I had so many questions about what to buy and where to find it and honestly could not find a reliable, trusted resource. On top of that, most schools do not publish the floor plans or dimensions of the dorm rooms and I discovered that many of the items we purchased were the incorrect dimensions.  Blue-prynt is an online destination with a mission to help manage your student’s transition into college.”

Wendy has two daughters, Sophie (a freshman at Duke) and Maddie in 11th grade.

Donna Korren, Co-Founder Blue-prynt

Donna is a seasoned media professional, having spent over 30 years in publishing. Along with Blue-prynt, she currently publishes Empty Quester™, a website and blog for parents who are crafting their next bold chapter after raising children. https://emptyquester.com/. Empty Quester will also live on Blue-prynt, offering advice to parents of college students.

Earlier in her career Donna was the Advertising Manager at Vogue and an executive at Time Inc.’s parenting magazines. When she moved to the suburbs to raise her family, she co-launched Elements, a luxury, lifestyle magazine for Long Island’s Gold Coast.

A writer and public speaker, Donna is a freelancer for The Washington Post, and other publications, often writing about topics relevant to parents. This June, Donna will give a Tedx talk in NYC on the rising 50+ demographic and the value of inter-generational workplaces. 

Married with two daughters, Jacqueline, 23, and Catherine, 20, Donna finds much of her inspiration from her family life.

She is a graduate of Cornell University.

Shelley Treadaway, Chief Content Officer

Shelley is a writer, marketer, and Blue-prynt’s Chief Content Officer.

She has a background in freelance writing for various travel and lifestyle magazines including Matador Network and the US publication of Narcity. At Blue-prynt, Shelley is on the pulse of what matters most to college students and provides them with the most current and useful information, through her lively articles.

Shelley also provides marketing and social media strategy for clients to maximize their digital exposure and expand their reach.

When she isn't writing, she enjoys Bikram Yoga, cooking, traveling, and a glass of good red wine.

She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her two sons, Nolan 7, and Griffin 3.

Carol Konigsberg, Designer

Born into the world of interior design, Carol’s own mother had a design business in their home for 25 years. Now Carol is a partner in the company, Langsam Rubin Interiors, with Judy Rubin. The office of six, based in Oyster Bay, does both residential and commercial work throughout Long Island and New York City.

Konigsberg attended the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design but her real training has been the actual day-to-day of the business for her entire life. Konigsberg’s love for dorm room decorating began when her daughter was a freshman at the University of Maryland last year. She wanted her room to be a great place to live and together she and her daughter worked as a team to give her just that. The dynamic red room was featured in one of Blue-Prynt’s first dorm room blogs. Konigsberg says “There is no wrong way to decorate a dorm room. The key to the right room decor is to find one thing that inspires you and to design around that.”

Carol has two kids - Jamie 19, and Tyler 16.

Jackie Hurwitz, Designer

“I have always been interested in interior design. However my career as an attorney did not exactly feed that passion”.

After years at home raising her children, Hurwitz decided to follow her dream and enrolled in design school at The Metropolitan Institute of Design. Upon completion of the program, she was asked by the school’s director to design a dorm room for an upcoming cover story in Newsday. She was featured on News12.

“Having two sons in college and countless friends’ children away at school, I have become the go-to expert on all things related to Dorm Décor and I love every minute of it. I’m an excellent space manager and enjoy making the best use of small spaces. But I especially love turning drab, plain, unwelcoming spaces into beautiful, warm and homey environments that hopefully help students transition from home to school”.

Jackie has three kids - Jordan 21, Ryan 19, and Jolie 16.

Sydney Steele

At the age of 9 Steele knew she wanted to be an artist and created her first acrylic painting on a canvas. Ever since then her love for art has grown stronger. “Throughout the years it wasn’t easy pushing myself to gain the skills, and now I finally made art my life,” Steele shares. She currently attends Syracuse University studying art in the class of 2020. Originally from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Steele says she has two amazing siblings and loving parents who inspire her in her work every day.

Originally founding Syd Souls, she made hundreds of orders of personalized sneakers. In March, Steele was featured in Blue-prynt as a student spotlight, celebrating her enormous talent as a painter.